Why Choose Steve Julian

My Objectives Are the Following:

  • To assist in getting as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold.

  • To communicate to you weekly the results of our activities.

  • To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value…between you and the buyer.

Presentation of Property

  • Interior decorator will walk through your home to provide a list of recommendations on what would cause the home to sell for the most amount of money and pale the competition.

  • Have a professional photographer meticulously take photographs with high voltage lighting which is comparable to a movie set images so that the home presents as crisp as it could possibly be.
  • A marketing director on staff that will walk your home to painstakingly take notes and advise any changes you may want to make in your property to make it more saleable.


  • Our staff will create a Flyer of your home which will be emailed to the top 100 brokers 7 – 14 days before the home hits the market so that the brokers can contact their pickiest Buyers and inform them of the newest properties in their area before the property hits the market.

  • We will spend thousands of dollars on running specifically targeted ads to 2 demographics on Facebook & Google.

    • Demographic #1 – People that live within 2-5 mile radius

    • Demographic #2 – People with specific incomes that can afford to purchase your home with a 20% down payment

  • We will prospect 2 hours a day to get people to come see your home at a predetermined time so that we can encourage multiple offers and convince the most trigger adverse Buyers.


  • We will price your home competitively to open the market vs. narrowing the market.

  • This includes being transparent and forthcoming even if it is not necessarily what you would want to hear.

Steve Julian and Eric Delgado & Associates Stats

Our results and how we are able to successfully help so many sellers get moved!

Our team is committed to understanding this new market and by doing so, we sell our seller’s homes in 16 days on average and for 8% more money than what other agents are selling their client’s home for. You will find that our passion for serving, plus our track record of successfully helping 20 times more sellers per year than the average agent, will make your dreams of getting moved possible.
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Number of Homes Sold in 2017 
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16 Days
67 Days
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